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State Resources : Hawaii

   Travel Nursing Jobs in Hawaii

Link to Hawaii Board of Nursing

Professional & Vocational Licensing Division, PO Box 3469
Honolulu, Hawaii 96801

Phone: (808) 586-3000
Fax: (808) 586-2689

Initial licensing fee, RN: $88.00
License renewal (biennial), RN: $90.00

Continuing Education Requirements:


What can you say about Hawaii!

One would think the Hawaii travel jobs would be hard ot come by because of demand, but guess what? There are LOTS of traveling nurse jobs in Hawaii.

Honolulu is a large metropolitan city that just happens to be attached to Waikiki Beach. Major hospitals in Honolulu have the same nursing shortage they have everywhere. Cosnequently they tun to the tavel nursing profession to help fill it.

The good news, is that there is virtually no bad time of year to come to Hawaii so you can take your assignments during the "season" in the Summer when the beaches are packed with tourists or you can come during the Winter months.....when the beaches are packed with tourists!

Hawaii travel nurses can choose from so many different outdoor activities we hesitate to point them all out. And inter-island travel is a snap. Mauii and Kauaii, (not to mention Hawaii and Molokai) are easy weekend trips. And just for the record, some of the outer islands have travel nursing jobs too.

Hawaii calls!

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Request FREE Travel Nursing Information
Fill out our request form to receive information on Travel nursing jobs in the U.S. & Canada.
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Questions on travel nursing
How do I find a travel nursing agency and what do I ask them?

Travel nursing is a very competitive business and agencies do everything they can to make themselves known. If you have a friend or co-worker who has worked a travel assignment ask them for a recommendation. All of the nursing publications are awash with ads. And of course, there is the Internet. Our travel nursing website,, is dedicated to the subject. Clicking on an agency’s banner will usually take you directly to their website where you can obtain answers to a lot of your questions and find contact information to further discuss the opportunity. Ask them about some of the topics we’ve already covered. Print this article and highlight the items you want to ask before you call. You may also want to ask things like:

How long has the travel nursing agency been in business?

Are my hours guaranteed?

Is my pay rate guaranteed?

How long has the travel nursing agency worked with the facility?

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